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Confidentiality Needs

Confidentiality is a need that you could evaluate when choosing to buy a property as a company or as a private individual.

There are many investors who want to keep a certain reserve on the economic operations they carry out. If an acquisition is made by the natural person, this is certainly not possible. However, it is fully possible, almost physiological, to obtain this effect by operating through a capital company.

In fact, if the operation is carried out through a company, it will be the company itself that will appear in relations with third parties. However, as companies are intangible entities, in order to carry out their negotiating activities they must necessarily act through a body, ie the sole director (or the chairman of the board of directors, depending on the type of corporate governance chosen) Washington Square, Philadelphia homes for sale.

The director can be a shareholder, even a minority one, or an outsider: in any case, the director’s actions are subject to the will of the shareholders’ meeting (or of the shareholder, in the case of a single-member company).

It is clear that, if the majority shareholder has particular confidentiality requirements, the best solution could be represented by the use of an external director or by conferring the administration to a minority shareholder.

Furthermore, a greater degree of confidentiality can be achieved where a prosecutor is appointed (generally a lawyer) who acts in the name and on behalf of the company, appearing himself in relations with third parties.

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First Home Purchase Benefits

In the event of the purchase of real estate, the natural person can benefit, if the requisites are met, from the concessions on the first home. This possibility is excluded for companies, which will always purchase according to the rate (Register or VAT, depending on the type of property) envisaged for second homes.

Obviously, the natural person will be able to take advantage of the favorable regime only once.

The concessions on the purchase of the first home are substantiated in:

Reduction of VAT from 10% to 4% , which is aimed at taxpayers who buy a house directly from the construction company;

inheritance tax and donations is equal to 200 euros;

Registration tax at 2% , the first home bonus therefore allows a reduction in cadastral taxes. In fact, the cadastral and mortgage tax amount in this case to 50 euros.