preschool for your baby

Day Care that Every Child Deserves

Parents across the globe always had one thing as their priority which is their children. So the question always comes to the minds of working parents is which daycare is the best i.e. who will provide their children only a nurturing environment but also a learning environment to your children, welcome the Learning Center of South Park where a pleasant and safe atmosphere for children to study, laugh, have fun, and grow is provided. For additional information, parents may visit to learn more about the childcare

Reasons to join Learning Center

At the learning center, your precious little gift is taken up with utmost care and the employees at center go above and beyond to ensure that each kid receives personalised attention and develops the skills necessary for success.

The teachers are well known for being passionate about providing hands-on lessons from an award-winning curriculum to make learning fun for your child. Communication, honesty, and real collaboration are important to us thus we try to imbibe the same characterises into your child to make this world a better place.

One should not only take our word for it; there are hundreds of testimonials on your website that agree with us that what we wish to offer is being provided to future generations with care and love.

Learning Center offerings for a better future

At the Learning Center of South Park, the belief to bring the best out of every child is utmost. Orlando child care programmes are designed to help each kid attain his or her full potential, from infancy through kindergarten. Here facilities include

  • Infant Day-care
  • 1-Year-Old Day-care
  • 2-Year-Old Day-care
  • 3, 4, & 5-Year-Old Preschool Classes
  • VPK Classes in Orlando (Voluntary Prekindergarten Education Program)
  • Full-Time Child Care Program

These programmes have been designed to meet prepare your child for the future and the staff is of the highest calibre.

Thus we have got you and your child covered so that your child has the push that it needs to have a good base with our top-class faculty specialising in child care.