Selling property

Enhancing curb appeal with landscaping and exterior improvements

A home is one of the most expensive purchases that most people make in their lifetime. The value of a home largely depends on its location, size and condition but it also depends on how attractive it looks to potential buyers. In the United States, more than 90% of home buyers carefully examine exterior features like landscaping while they tour the homes. You can browse here to know more.

If you are considering selling your home, think about making some improvements to enhance curb appeal and increase your chance for a higher sale price.

Here are tips to enhancing curb appeal with landscaping and exterior improvements:

  1. Clean up your yard

Curb appeal is all about the first impression that potential buyers get when they see your home. Before you can improve the look of your home’s curb appeal, you need to make sure that it looks clean. Get rid of clutter and debris from the property and make sure that your yard is well-maintained. This includes pruning your bushes, mowing your lawn, trimming tree branches and making sure that everything is tidy around the house.

  1. Keep colours neutral

It is a good idea to stick with neutral colours when you work on landscaping around your home. This way, it will be easier for you to change the look of your home if you decide to sell it later on. Stick with colours like white, yellow, beige, brown and green.


  1. Light pours into the home

The details about the interior of your home will be easier for potential buyers to see when there is plenty of natural light shining into your property. Consider installing additional skylights or windows to let more light inside your house. You might also want to consider using translucent roofing material.

  1. Make sure that your home is accessible for all buyers

To have excellent curb appeal, ensure that your home is accessible to all potential buyers. This means that you need to make it easy for them to get in and out of the property. Consider removing any driveways, paths, steps and walls that can make it difficult for potential buyers to enter your property.

  1. Consider simple but functional landscaping

There are many options available when you want to work on landscaping around your home in order to improve its curb appeal. However, you can keep it easy and go with a simple but functional landscaping. For example, you can consider adding some trees and bushes to your front yard. You can also add a driveway or an outdoor fireplace outside the house.

  1. Add some personal touches

You don’t have to spend a lot of money in order to make your home’s curb appeal more attractive. You can also add some personal touches that will make it more attractive to buyers while staying within your budget.