Maryland Energy

Get an alternative to Washington Gas

In this era where you have hundreds of alternatives to everything you own then why rely only on a single provider when it comes to electricity and gas supply? Washington Gas is the only supplier of gas and electricity in Maryland making you liable to only depend on them for your requirements because of which you have to agree on their demands and high prices. If you are frustrated with the high energy prices of Washington Gas and wanted to switch to some other provider but are not able to do that because of the service provider in Maryland. Then, don’t worry Nordic Energy is now in Maryland to provide energy and gas supply services here.

Nordic Energy is the best alternative to Washington Gas and provides you with the best gas and energy supply at a much lesser price. This is an independently owned company that is not under the control of local utility companies and makes its energy. Now, you don’t have to blindly accept the utility payment of the local utility company. By using the services of Nordic Energy your utility bill can have much difference than your previous bill depending upon the area of your residence.

They provide easy-to-switch services to their customers if they want to switch to deregulated Maryland Energy or Nordic Energy. You just have to drop a message or call the company with your request, then the company will manage all these for you about which you don’t need to worry at all.

  • Why choose Nordic Energy?
  • Lower bill amount- You can take advantage of the market’s lowest energy prices by switching to their services.
  • Easy switching- You can easily switch from the service of other companies to this company without any complicated process.
  • Quick quotes- They provide easy connection and fast quotes of the bills with a dedicated customer services team.
  • Provides Guidance- The company also provides guidance and learning to the customers on how to reduce their energy bill and how to utilize it effectively, that further helps the clients to reduce their bills.


If you to switch to Nordic Energy then contact them today! They also provide renewable energy solutions to the customer through community solar plates installation, wind energy, and other sources making the production of energy environment-friendly. They also run an Energy Rewards Program which offers rewards to their regular and new users.