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Industrial and Logistics Outsourcing

Among the examples of Outsourcing in which outsourcing guarantees significant advantages there are applications in the industrial sector and in the field of logistics. Logistic Outsourcing ensures greater flexibility through HR management and more efficiency through skills management and employee growth Ocala roofing company.

Outsourcing Industrial and Logistics solutions:

reduction of internal costs related to the management of the activity;

guarantee of compliance with the law ;

compliance with legal regulations on labor administration.

Outsourcing Field Marketing

Another field of application of Outsourcing services is Field Marketing. Among the services that can be outsourced there are, for example, Merchandising activities, In Store Promotion campaigns, or dedicated Outsourcing Sales Networks.

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This provides a proprietary Business Intelligence system to monitor and optimize the work of employees via the App, to reduce costs and increase productivity. It is also possible to take advantage of an ROI tracking system , with the guarantee of full compliance and legislative compliance.

Legal compliance : outsourcing with Adecco requires personnel hired in accordance with current legislation, high financial solidity to guarantee the execution of remuneration and contribution obligations, compliance with the necessary obligations regarding health and safety in the workplace;

Project governance : Outsourcing services include a consolidated management model and the service is guaranteed throughout the country;

Dedicated Project Management : Adecco carries out ad hoc projects following technical inspections and direct and collaborative dialogue with the customer;

Operations Management : Adecco’s Outsourcing solutions include a dedicated team for resource management, process efficiency, analysis and monitoring of results.