Level-Up Your Shower Experience At Home – Install Quality Shower Head

A shower head is a piece where water comes out when the shower system is turned on. Shower faucets are shower heads and the valve that controls water flow and temperature. Shower faucets and bathtubs are a combination of three-piece systems, including:

  • Showerhead
  • Valve
  • Bath faucet

The shower head singapore system includes other luxurious elements for a shower, such as:

  • handheld shower head
  • steam shower
  • wall jets

Types of shower heads

The shower head is a bathroom fixture directing the water flow in a walk-in shower where water is directed on the showerhead when the faucet is engaged. In the combination of shower and bathtub, the water is directed to the showerhead by a diverter on a faucet. The showerhead uses about 2.5 gallons per minute.

Therefore, it is a more friendly model that exists, which helps cut water usage in half. It depends on the bathroom design, the showerheads are mounted on the ceiling or shower walls.

Types of showerheads

When looking for an upgrade of your shower experience, you may consider the different types of showerheads.

  • Wall-mount showerhead. It is also called a fixed showerhead, a wall-mounted showerhead is the most traditional style. It is attached to the shower arm and then fixed to the shower wall.
  • Handheld showerhea A showerhead that allows greater flexibility compared to the wall-mounted shower head. It has a long and flexible hose that allows the user to remove the showerhead from the holder mounted on the wall. The water directly flows in areas of the shower. The flexibility of this shower makes it one of the best types for kids or pets. Additionally, most models come with different spray pattern options, such as:
    • Massage
    • Rain
    • Mist
    • Full-body spray
  • Dual shower head. A showerhead with a combination of handheld showerhead and wall-mounted showerhead. Some dual shower heads come with a sliding bar shower head attached to the fixed bar that allows you to slide the handheld shower up and down.
  • Rainfall showerhea It is a type of shower head that provides a gentle and relaxing shower experience that mimics the natural rainfall pattern. These are larger compared to most showerhead types, depending on how the shower will be designed.
  • High-pressure shower head. These showerheads will increase the water pressure by decreasing the flow rate. When decreasing the flow rate, it increases the pressure output of the water spray.

These are only some of the few shower heads available to choose from. Pick the right shower head that you want to install in your bathroom to level up the shower experience.