Importance Of Living A Healthful Lifestyle

Living and Leading a Healthy Lifestyle

How can one define a healthy lifestyle? Is it choosing to feed your body with nutritious food and doing some physical exertion in the form of exercise? Or is it having a proper sleep cycle and devoting care towards one’s mental well-being?

It largely is a combination of all of the above and a lot more. It is about making decisions, which profit us physically, emotionally as well as mentally and trading time for our overall fruition.

Why is it Important?

First and foremost, it is essential to soak in the truth, which is, that what we do in life, reflects in how we feel. Be it investing in a productive routine, which gives us a sense of deep satisfaction, or procrastinating and putting our lifestyle at risk, which only leads to immense regret and both physical as well as mental decline.

The reason why a Healthy Lifestyle is advocated to the degree that it is, is because of how clearly its positive effects, manifests into our lives.

To speak of the downside of not having a healthy living, an example could be, having an erratic sleep cycle. Not sleeping for at least 7 hours a day and choosing instead, to scroll through social media or simply spending time in front of a screen can cause severe neck and back problems.

Leading a Healthy Lifestyle

Moreover, blue light coming from screens, tricks us into thinking that it is daytime, as a result of which, Melatonin, a sleep hormone, its release is stopped. The entire day ahead of us, goes by, with us feeling fatigued, devoid of any energy and a brain which does not function to its normal capacity. When we have a body receiving proper nutrients, a well-rested mind, a peaceful sleep schedule, small amount of regular physical activity, we are essentially contributing to a Healthy Lifestyle.

How can this Lifestyle be adopted?

A Healthy Lifestyle comes from Healthy Habits.

Thus, building healthy habits is what we should strive for as a baseline.

Creating a time-block meant only for physical activity, finding something we enjoy doing like picking up a sport we love, an evening brisk walk, cycling twice or thrice a week, all are equally beneficial as long as we are doing physical work of some form.

The fancy equipment of a gym or having a personal trainer are not the only approaches to working out.