Selling Your House During a Downsize

The Advantages of Selling Your House to a Company That Buys Houses

There are numerous advantages to selling your home to a company who buys houses. Primarily, it is much faster than the traditional real estate route and avoids the long wait and embarrassing stigma that comes with short sales. Furthermore, if you aren’t actually homeless but need to move due to work or other reasons, no home inspections or appraisals are required. Here are some of the most significant advantages of selling to a company who buys houses – plus, what benefits come into play in each situation:

  1. Speedier Process

Selling your house to a company that buys houses is much faster than going through a real estate agent. There’s no need for home inspections or appraisals – simply set an appointment, sign some paperwork, and show them around your house – most companies will even come directly to you at work if needed. With cash in hand and no realtor fees involved, the deal can be closed within one business day with cash in your hand instead of having to wait weeks for financing approval. Find out about our software solutions by visiting:

  1. Avoid Embarrassment

Sometimes no matter how hard you try, foreclosure or bankruptcy cannot be avoided. There’s nothing quite like going through the process of foreclosure or bankruptcy in public view and it can be an embarrassing experience. You thought this house might be your forever home but now it needs to be sold quickly with a realtor; that could take months if done slowly enough with them. Companies buying houses don’t care what state your house is in or if there are foreclosures or short sales involved – they only care that your house is free from vacate orders, has no liens against it and is not in flood zones.

  1. Get Rid of Unwanted Home

Have you tried selling your house on your own and been unsuccessful? Could it be due to outdated kitchen or bathroom fixtures, need for repair work outside, or just don’t like the layout? A company who buys houses will happily purchase your property regardless of these details as they don’t need to recoup their initial purchase price or make a profit; thus no upgrades may be needed.

  1. Move Quickly But Without Stress

Few people enjoy moving, whether it’s across town or state lines. But the process doesn’t have to be overwhelming or stressful if you find a company that buys houses in your new location. All you have to do is select a property, then they make all arrangements for purchase and sale on the same day. Plus, many companies offer rent-back options for old houses so that you’re not even without shelter during the transition!