The Role of Home Buying Companies

The possible penalties for those who sell a house without a real estate agency

The last important maxi risk for those who sell a house as a private individual is that of committing irregularities that can lead to penalties .

An example? If the announcement of a property to be sold or rented does not contain the energy parameters, the administrative fine varies between 500 and 3000 euros. In the event that the property is also sold without presentation of the APE, the seller risks penalties ranging from 3,000 to 18,000 euros

Or, as seen previously, in the event of non-compliance or important hidden defects in the property, there is a risk of penalties ranging from heavy damages to canceling the sale.

How to manage the risks of selling a house with professionals.

There are many risks of selling a house without a real estate agency, why not avoid them by entrusting yourself to a professional?

A real estate agent follows you in all phases of the sale, effectively eliminating all the risks of non-sale, sale of a non-compliant property, errors in documentation and possible penalties. This is because the real estate agent performs a number of basic tasks, which are well worth the cost of the commission.

Let’s see point by point how contacting a real estate agency resolves all the critical issues seen previously.

There is no longer the risk of a sale that never comes

Thanks to a professional knowledge of the real estate market, real estate agents are able in most cases to sell, in a shorter time and at better prices. First of all because they carry out a correct assessment of the value of your property and therefore identify the right market price.

After that, through marketing activities, the agency knows how to enhance your home through home staging activities and the creation of professional announcements that allow you to quickly reach a vast network of potential buyers who are really interested in your property.

Another sore point is that of receiving many visits and no sales. The real estate agency analyzes each contact before organizing the visits to avoid wasting time by asking the right questions in advance to probe their real interest. Furthermore, thanks to the experience gained over the years, he will be able to conclude the negotiation on the best terms and without nasty surprises.