phase 1 desktop study report

What is phase 1 desk study report?

A phase 1 desk study report is a part of contaminated land assessment. The study is performed to assess the qualitative risks to the users and surrounding environment. It also assess is there any risks present nearby the site. To provide the report it requires various sources of information like aerial photographs, geological records, ground water vulnerability maps. If you are looking for the desk study report for your land you can visit phase 1 desktop study. Adeptus is the best platform to get your study reports. They are specialists in advising you with important technical issues and regulatory issues which are associated with encourage and pollution.

Why you should get land study report?

phase 1 desktop study

They provide the reports with sustainability and efficiency and have experienced in providing their services to many of the customers. They have small team but highly competent team which includes scientists and engineers who have completed their post graduation and training in environment consultancy. They help you in risks you are going to face if you construct your building in improper land. Not all the sites are similar, whatever the sight might be they study the land report all the possible information. They are proud for their services and always thrive to meet the customer expectations and requirements in terms of quality, reliability and cost.

Their main aim is to investigate contaminated soils or water, risk assessment of the land. They also assist the customer in areas of energy and quality management, pollution prevention and control. It is advised always to assess the quality of the land before starting any construction to prevent the risks.