ID Plastics LP: Returnable transportation container system


ID PACK is a professionally engineered sleeve pack system which provides – as standard equipment – everything needed for top-notch efficiency and cargo safety. Its stack-supporting top lid, collapsible protective sleeve, and rock-solid pallet base set new standards in reliability and safety. In addition, a wide range of options is available for configuration in accordance with your specific needs.

ID PACK is available with a broad variety of options that can be mixed and matched to meet specific requirements. Simply choose the desired options for an intended application. Even if you don’t see the solution you need here. Let us know and we will come up with a customized solution designed specifically for your unique application.


• Top value for your purchase dollar

• Extremely rugged, highly secure protection

• Lightweight construction

• Big cost savings due to volume reduction in return transport

• Moisture and rot-proof, outstanding UV resistance

• Very easy to handle

• High industrial safety

• Extremely long service life

• Eco-friendly and 100 % recyclable

• Available for purchase, rental or leasing

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