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Top dank dispensary specials of the month- finding discounts on your favorite products

Dank Dispensary Deals and Specials are great to save money on your favorite cannabis products. Whether you’re looking for flowers, edible concentrates, or any other form of marijuana, there’s sure to be a deal or special suits your needs.

  1. Flower Specials- Flower is a popular form of cannabis and many dispensaries offer specials on their different strains. This includes discounted prices for certain strains or deals like “buy one get one free”. To find these deals, check out the dispensary’s website or social media pages.
  2. Concentrate on Specials- They are another form of cannabis and many dispensaries offer specials on these as well. This includes discounts on certain brands or types of concentrates like shatter or wax. You may also find deals like “buy 2 grams get 1 free” so keep an eye out for those.
  3. Edible Specials- It consumes cannabis without smoking it and they come in all kinds of delicious flavors from gummies to chocolate bars. They offer specials on their edible products so to check them out before you buy.

medical cannabis menu

  1. Pre-Roll Specials- Pre-rolls are rolled joints come ready for the smoker and they are good for people don’t want to roll their joints but still want the convenience of smoking flowers. It offers pre-roll specials including discounts when you buy multiple pre-rolls at once.
  2. Daily Deals- They are daily deals changed throughout the week and include discounts on different products each day. For example, Monday might be flower day when all flower is 10% off while Wednesday could concentrate day with all concentrates being discounted by 15%.
  3. Rewards Programs- They reward programs where customers earn points for every purchase redeemed for discounts or free products in the future.
  4. First-Time Customer Discounts- They offer first-time customer specials, deals, and discounts like 10% off your first purchase or even a free product with your first order.

If you’re looking for Dank Dispensary deals and specials then there are plenty available if you know where to look! From flowers and edibles to concentrates and pre-rolls, there’s something for everyone when it comes to saving money on your favorite cannabis products! You should be sure to ask about any current promotions that are running at the dispensary you choose next time you visit to find out what savings you may be able to score.